Your childs lunch box can be an all you can eat bacteria buffet!! August 15 2013

Hold on to your Cookies! Great information about what is really in the lunch boxes, and it's not just lunch! Click the links below!! Good House Keeping Lunch Box Test WRAL & North Carolina State Lunch Box Investigation Ky. School Bans Backpacks, Lunchboxes After Bedbugs Appear Miami Florida, Local 10 School Lunchboxes tested for bacteria WebMD - Germs in Backpack's and Lunchboxes KGUN 9 News at 10PM    

Secret Agent Lunch Box Press Release July 23 2013

Delicious Agent launches The “Secret Agent” Lunch box. No More Nasty, Smelly, Bacteria Ridden Lunch Boxes For Kids!!! "Kids lunch boxes get dirty and if you have ever had to clean a soft-sided lunch box after it spends a day at school with your kids, then you know what I mean." Explains Amen Wardy Jr., the designer behind the Delicious Agent brand and the NEW Secret Agent lunch box. Most...
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