Secret Agent Lunch Box Press Release July 23 2013

Delicious Agent launches The “Secret Agent” Lunch box.

No More Nasty, Smelly, Bacteria Ridden Lunch Boxes For Kids!!!

"Kids lunch boxes get dirty and if you have ever had to clean a soft-sided lunch box after it spends a day at school with your kids, then you know what I mean." Explains Amen Wardy Jr., the designer behind the Delicious Agent brand and the NEW Secret Agent lunch box. Most lunch boxes are the insulated soft-sided kind; these soft-sided lunch boxes are vehicles for bacteria, mold, bedbugs, and worse.

So how dirty are our kid’s lunch boxes?

You can see mold growth, you can see caked on food, and the worst part is what you can’t see. According to a North Carolina State University study more than half of the children's lunch boxes that were tested, tested positive for staph, 3 percent tested positive for listeria, and 15 percent tested positive for fecal bacteria. Truly Disgusting. A similar study in Florida found only 2 out of 10 lunch boxes were bacteria free.  (links to stories about lunch boxes)

The Secret Agent Lunch Box can be described in three words EASY TO CLEAN!!!

The Secret Agent lunch box is free from Harmful Toxins, Lead, and BPA’s and does not contain Phthalates. The Secret Agent lunch box is made of recyclable, environmentally conscious high-density polyethylene plastic. The HDPE has excellent chemical resistance and is also leach-proof, anti-microbial, and heat resistant.  The Secret Agent features dual wall construction that provides insulation, and a flush fitted, snap–in, Non Toxic, ice pack to keep’s your child’s lunch cool. No loose parts to get lost or left behind at school. The Secret Agent is VERY easy to clean; messy spills are simple, wash in hot water or just throw the whole lunch box in the dishwasher. AGAIN YOU CAN CLEAN IT!!! REALLY CLEAN IT. QUICKLY!

Dimensions are 9" wide x 9" tall x 4" deep.

The Secret Agent Lunch box is available in two colors Magenta with Lavender and Two Tone Blue, both include a flush Lime Green snap-in Ice Pack. The Secret Agent lunch box retails for $35.00.

Delicious Agent products will launch on the brand’s website, and at the Amen Wardy boutique in Aspen, CO, as well as at other fine retailers and specialty stores. The Secret Agent Lunchbox is now available for pre-order will begin shipping in early September, 2013. For more information, please visit .

Delicious Agent manufactures and distributes beautiful and unique products that are sure to put a smile on your face. Amen Wardy Jr. is the son of Amen Wardy, the legendary luxury retailer who has long been associated with the rich and famous, including the world’s most glamorous fashion icons and best-dressed women in the world. Amen has three children twins Kingston and Athena are 7 and Amen is 9.

The Delicious Agent Lunch Box was inspired by them.  

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Press Contact: Amen Wardy

Delicious Agent